What is the Difference Between Ergonomic & Orthopedic Office Chairs?

Our customers often ask us what the difference between ergonomic and orthopedic chairs is. In short, Ergonomic Chairs are used to Prevent Strain Injuries associated with long hours of sitting and Orthopedic Chairs are suitable for those who have pre-existing Back Ailments and/or Injuries. Orthopedic Chairs are prescribed to those who suffer from pain and require a seating solution which is going to treat the pain and/or reduce discomfort when sitting. Technically speaking, all chairs with adjustable features are ergonomic as these adjustments are designed to best accommodate the human body while in the seated position. Our Ergonomic Chairs have a number of adjustable features like seat height adjustment, backrest height & tilt adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, seat slide adjustment (seat depth) and adjustable armrests. Orthopedic Chairs are ergonomically designed with a multitude of adjustable features. We differentiate between ergonomic and orthopedic chairs as orthopedic chairs are more adjustable and have specialized features such as seat tilt adjustment. Seat tilt adjustment is necessary for those who suffer from pain whether it be in the legs, hips or lumbar region. The ability to adjust the tilt of your seat allows the operator to sit at an angle which offers the most pain relief. Everyone has a unique body with a unique set of requirements. There is no single chair which is suitable for everyone. Redline offers the widest range of office chair products suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, accommodating for each persons unique set of requirements. In conclusion, Ergonomic & Orthopedic chairs are very similar in that they both offer a multitude of adjustable features. Orthopedic chairs are more adjustable and offer specialized adjustments over and above those found on Ergonomic Chairs. Click here to view our wide range of office chairs.

What Methods of Payment does Redline accept?

Redline offers all the necessary payment methods available for your convenience. These include EFT Transfers, Cash Deposits, Card Payments at the Showroom as well as online Credit Card Payments via our Payfast account. Redline only processes orders upon receipt of full payment. We do not offer 30 day accounts or accept 50% deposits. Once full payment is receive, the order is processed and a Tax Invoice and Order Confirmation is sent to the buyer.

Can I Order Office Chairs Online?

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new E-commerce website. Office Chairs Direct is an online office chair store which accepts all kinds of online payment methods. All online payments are facilitated by Payfast and are therefore reliable, safe and secure. Office Chairs Direct displays a quality range of executive chairs, ergonomic chairs, orthopedic chairs, kneeling chairs and more. Office Chairs Direct sales are currently limited to deliveries in Johannesburg, Centurion & Pretoria. Nationwide deliveries will be available in the near future. Delivery of the chairs displayed on the officechairsdirect.co.za website is free of charge to the area’s mentioned above. We will be running great specials on selected office chairs each month so be sure to keep an eye out for our unbeatable specials. Redline Office Chairs cc, trading as Office Chairs Direct is a registered office chair supplier and vat vendor. Prices listed on the Office Chairs Direct website are inclusive of vat unlike the prices listed on the redlineofficechairs.co.za website. Our E-commerce website caters for those who prefer to shop online and offers customers the opportunity to select their preferred online payment method. All orders are processed by Redline Office Chairs cc which has been in operation since May 2010. Office Chairs Direct is a trusted online shop, customers can rest assured that support is readily available via email and/or via phone call. All office chairs displayed on our E-commerce website are available for viewing and test driving at our showroom in Edenvale, Johannesburg. It must be noted that the prices listed on the officechairsdirect.co.za website are only applicable to online orders, via the E-commerce website. All chairs purchased via quotation or in store will be charged at the standard Redline Office Chairs rate. We have selected a composition of high end office chairs for the E-commerce store, all of which are stocked for fast delivery purposes. Please contact us should you require more information.

Can I View & Test Drive Redline Office Chairs prior to purchase?

Yes.. Unlike most online office furniture companies, Redline Offers a fully stocked showroom, displaying most of the office chairs found on our website. We believe offering our clients the option to view and test drive our chairs prior to purchase is of utmost importance. We encourage all clients to visit our showroom which is open to the public during office chairs Mondays to Fridays. Please note that Redline is not open over weekends. Office Chairs can be purchased off the showroom floor for those who wish to pay and collect same day. You do not have to make an appointment to visit our showroom although we do recommend contacting us before doing so, so that we can prepare for your visit. Viewing physical office chairs is the best way to find the ideal chair for your requirements. Our showroom is situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg and can be navigated via Google Maps. For showroom bookings, please call 011 609 9605.

Buying Office Chairs

Buying an office chair can be an overwhelming exercise due to the amount of chairs available on the market as well as the vast amount of office furniture companies marketing their products online. There are many companies who enter the market but do not last or stick around in the long run. Buying a chair from a company who closes down means that you will not receive the service or quality guarantee that was promised upon purchasing the chair/s. There are many new companies selling office chairs at very low prices which is of course very attractive to the purchaser/buyer. These companies make promises like 24 hour delivery with a 5 Year Guarantee even though this is in most cases not possible or correct. If you purchase from a company which goes under you will have no leg to stand on when it comes to servicing your chair should a component break in the future. We have also noticed companies who offer 5 Year Guarantees on chairs which only carry a 2 or 3 year Guarantee with the importer or manufacturer. This is therefore a false promise because when the chair reaches its guarantee period with the manufacturer/importer it will not be serviced accordingly. Redline Office Chairs cc has been in business for almost a decade. We have weathered many economic storms and hard times which have put many companies out of business. Purchasing an office chair from us is a safe bet as we have been in business for longer than the guarantee periods stipulated for our chairs. The last thing you want is to purchase a chair and have no after sale service. This is especially important for after sale servicing should anything go wrong with the chair after purchasing it. Our prices are very competitive in relation to the market but of course there are going to be many start up companies who are cheaper then us. Sometimes buying from the cheapest company can be a mistake as most start up companies do not last or succeed in the long run. We at Redline have an excellent track record with hundreds of clients. We are currently on a 4.9 out of 5 star with our customer Google Reviews. Our Client reviews are available to the public on Google which can be read to get a clearer picture of how we conduct our business with our clients. We only promote tried and tested office chairs as we believe that good quality is at the forefront of good business. Asking for advise is also a good way of getting a chair which would best suite your requirements. We are available to advise all new customers over the phone or at our offices/showroom in Edenvale. Please contact us should you have any queries regarding a product you are interested in and we will advise accordingly.

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