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Ergonomic chairs are designed to best accommodate the human body while in the seated position. These chairs have highly adjustable features which enable you to make the necessary adjustments to suite your unique requirements. Ergo Chairs are available with mesh and upholstery backrests. Mesh Backrests allow for adjustable lumbar support whereas upholstered backrest have a static, built in lumbar support feature. Each ergonomic chair has a unique design to cater for people of all shapes and sizes and are made to withstand long hours of sitting. Fitted with the finest, hard wearing components, Redline Office Chairs are built to last, tried and tested, carrying a 5-10-year warrantee, depending on the chair. We carry stock of selected ranges for speedy delivery service. We also make to order in a specific colour and configuration of your choosing. Our wide selection of chairs offers a seating solution to fit your budget and requirements. Ergonomic chairs are more expensive than standard office chairs as they are specialized and uniquely designed. Ergonomic Chairs are an investment in your health and science has proven that ergonomic seating improves productivity, reduces strain injuries and can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by an incorrect sitting posture. With more and more people working behind desks for long hours each day, ergonomic chairs are becoming ever more popular and are proving to be an essential workspace necessity. Ergonomic office chairs are available in a wide variety of fabric, leather & vinyl upholstery options to cater for your individual requirements. Our showroom in Edenvale, Johannesburg houses all our products giving you the opportunity to view and test drive before making a purchase. Chairs can be purchased directly off the floor and a card facility is available for purchases. Should you require more information about a particular product or simply require general buying advise, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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