Finding the right ergonomic office chair is essential for a healthy, well balanced office work experience. Evermore, people are spending longer periods of time behind their desks, which on average ranges from 6 to 12 hours per day, in some cases more. An ergonomic chair with good back support is vital for your wellbeing and can help to reduce the risk of long term back pain, ailments and strain injuries caused by a prolonged incorrect sitting posture. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to best accommodate the human body while in the seated position. They offer several adjustable features & settings designed to cater for people of all shapes and sizes. Ergonomic chairs should offer sufficient lower, middle and upper back support. Lumbar support is either built into the backrest of a chair or offered by means of an adjustable lumbar support component, found on mesh back chairs. Back support is not the only function of an ergonomic chair. In addition to this, lumbar support should be accompanied by a dual action ergonomic mechanism, allowing the operator to adjust the seat height and backrest recline independently to achieve maximum comfort. A synchronized mechanism is the most popular mechanism fitted to ergonomic chairs. These connect the seat and backrest of a chair in a way so that they can tilt & recline independently from each other. This enables the operator to open the angle of their sitting posture, allowing for sufficient blood flow throughout the body. Other ergonomic mechanisms such as back rake mechanisms & permanent contact mechanisms can be used to make the necessary adjustments to the seat and backrest of a chair. The mechanism of choice is based upon the specific functionality & objective of each chair. Ergonomic chairs are fitted with adjustable armrests allowing you to rest your elbows while working with a desk mouse or while typing on the computer. Adjustable armrests help to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders caused by holding your arms & elbows up to the height of the work surface of your computer. Some ergonomic office chairs are fitted with adjustable headrests which give support to your neck and head for periods of rest between work sessions. Redline Office Chairs offers a variety of ergonomic chair models which differ in appearance, shape, size and functionality. All have the necessary adjustments to be customized to suite your preferred sitting posture. As a rule, you should always be in contact with the backrest of your chair while seated and avoid sitting on the front end of your seat, away from the backrest. This is a common misuse of an office chair and negates the supportive purpose of a chairs’ backrest. Your spine requires constant support when sitting for long periods of time and lumbar support is of utmost importance to avoid back pain, injury and discomfort. Ergonomic chairs found on this webpage cater for those weighing up to 120 Kgs and are suitable for both taller and shorter people. All chairs offer good lumbar support and the necessary adjustable settings to accommodate your unique body type. Ergonomic office chairs are available for viewing and test-driving purposes at our showroom in Johannesburg and we encourage all customers to visit us to do so prior to making a purchase. If you are unable to visit our showroom, contact us for assistance, recommendations and buying advice and one of our trained ergonomic specialists will assist you in selecting the best ergonomic chair for your budget and unique set of requirements.

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