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Redline Office Chairs are seating specialists offering the widest range of Top-Quality Office Chair Brands to the public at factory prices. All office chairs displayed on this website are priced for your browsing convenience. All prices are current, up to date, and exclusive of vat. Office chairs for sale include ergonomic chairs, orthopedic chairs, heavy duty chairs, mesh office chairs, kneeling chairs, typist chairs, draughtsman chairs, industrial chairs, leather office chairs, stacking chairs, executive chairs, visitor chairs, boardroom chairs, high back chairs, managerial chairs, PVC chairs, Bar Stools, Canteen Chairs, Reception Chairs as well as Office Chair Components & Ergonomic Footrests.


We manufacture to order and carry stock of selected chair brands. All products carry a Quality Guarantee which covers both the components of the chair as well as the factory workmanship. Our office chairs are tried and tested and are proven to be comfortable, reliable and durable enough for the South African market. Redline has an exceptional track record of being a trustworthy office chair supplier who prioritizes the Best Quality accompanied by Service Excellence. Office Chairs displayed on this website are categorized according to their form and function, making it easy for you to find the product/s you are looking for. Redline has a Showroom in Johannesburg, South Africa, allowing our customers the ability to view and test drive our chairs prior to making a purchase. Our Showroom is open to the Public and we welcome all Visitors during office hours, Mondays to Fridays. The Johannesburg Showroom offers ease of access as well as safe and secure parking for your peace of mind. Redline allows for walk-ins as well as showroom bookings. Our trained and experienced staff are available to offer assistance and sound buying advice at any given time. We accept all forms of payment, whether it be EFT transfers, Bank Cash deposits, Credit and Debit card payments at our Johannesburg offices or online credit card payments facilitated by our Payfast account. Should you wish to make an online credit card payment, please let us know and we will send you a Payfast link to do so, alternatively you can shop online on our ecommerce website which facilitates online payments. Please note that we do not accept cash at our showroom in Johannesburg for security reasons. Redline is a registered vat vendor and therefore all payments should reflect in our bank account for tax and accounting purposes. We at Redline believe in loving people and using money, not the other way round, and so upselling is not a priority for us. Our aim is to provide the most appropriate chair, regardless of the price, to ensure customer satisfaction, and do so with service excellence in mind. These attributes have been the pillars of our success in the industry for over a decade. We are a company that truly cares about our customers’ wellbeing and happiness and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve these goals. If you are looking for an office chair supplier with a good set of morals, ethics and values, Redline Office Chairs is the way to go. We are “the office chair specialists”, and hope you enjoy browsing through our user-friendly website. Contact us for Quotes, Orders and General Enquiries either via Phone, Cell, WhatsApp or Email. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Prefer to order online? Visit and with a click of a few buttons your office chair will be delivered to your doorstep fully assembled and ready to go.


Buying office chairs can be an overwhelming exercise due to the vast amount of chairs available on the market as well as the large number of office furniture companies marketing their products online. There are many companies who enter the market but do not last and stay in business in the long run. Buying a chair from a company who closes doors means that you will not receive the after sales service based upon the quality guarantee promised upon purchasing. There are many new start up companies selling products at very low and often unbeatable prices. This is of course most attractive to those looking to make a purchase. These companies often make promises like 24 hour delivery backed by a 5 Year Guarantee, even when this is not possible or correct. If you purchase from a company which goes under you will have no leg to stand on when it comes to servicing your chair should a component break in the future. We have also noticed companies who offer 5 Year Guarantees on chairs which only carry a 2 year Guarantee with the importer or manufacturer. This is therefore a false promise because when the chair reaches its guarantee period with the manufacturer/importer it will not be serviced or repaired as promised and in many cases these companies are no longer in business when a service call is required. Redline Office Chairs cc has been in business since 2010. We have weathered many economic storms and hardships in the market which have put many other companies out of business. Purchasing an office chair from us is a safe choice as we have been in business for longer than our chair guarantee periods. The last thing you want is to purchase a chair with no after sales service as office chairs are subject to breakage, wear and tear and damages more so than other office furniture items. This is because office chairs are the only furniture item which the operator is in direct contact with throughout the work day. A chair’s guarantee period offers the buyer peace of mind with the assurance that if anything should go wrong within this period, the chair would be repaired at no cost to client. Our prices are very competitive in relation to the market but of course there are going to be many start up companies who are cheaper then us. Sometimes buying from the cheapest company can be a mistake as most start up companies who offer these prices do not last and stay in business long term. We at Redline have an excellent track record with thousands of happy clients.


We are currently on a 4.9 Star Google Rating and our reviews speak for themselves. Our Client reviews are available to the public on Google, giving potential customers a clear picture about the quality of our products as well as how we conduct business. We only promote tried and tested office chairs as we believe that high quality is at the forefront of a successful business. Asking for advise is the best way to go about purchasing an office chair best suited for your unique set of requirements. Our professional staff are available to offer the best advise either at our showroom, over the phone or via email. Please contact us if you are not 100% sure of which chair is the right fit for you and we will do our very best to propose the most suitable chair for your requirements within your budget.

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Browse the following webpage to see our diverse range of top quality office chairs for sale in South Africa. Visit the Office Chairs page and start your journey in finding the very best office chair to suite your individual requirements. Office Chairs for Sale include Ergonomic chairs, orthopedic chairs, heavy duty chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chairs, high back office chairs, mid back office chairs, executive chairs, boardroom chairs, kneeling chairs, stacking chairs, bar stools, canteen chairs, draughtsman chairs, industrial chairs and more. All office chairs carry a quality Guarantee giving you peace of mind that you are covered. All chairs are delivered fully assembled and ready to use and are delivered Nationwide to selected areas in South Africa.

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